Judgement Night: Kelly vs Williamson Press Conference
Judgement Night: Kelly vs Williamson Press Conference

The intensity increased today at the press conference as both fighters expressed the magnitude of this British Super Welterweight title fight on Friday, ‘Judgement Night’, to decide who reigns king of the North East between Sunderland’s Josh Kelly (12-1-1) and current British champion Troy Williamson (19-0-1) at the Utilita Arena, live on Channel 5, December 2.

Neither men held back as the respect for each other took a back seat, with both camps launching verbal blows, outlining how the fight will pan out and who the superior fighter is. With the words put to one side, a fierce face-off allowed both men to stare into the opposition’s eyes and see what they’re made of ahead of a monumental moment in the North East.

Kalle Sauerland

“Good afternoon again, normally the promoter talk is about how big this is, how bad this is, how great this is; but this doesn’t really need much selling. It’s fantastic being involved in such a show, because in my 20 years in boxing the British title is one I haven’t done much of, I’ve done more with World titles and European titles, but I’ve quickly fallen in love with the British title this year. The matches it makes, the fights it throws up; it does our matchmaking job for us. This is the crème de la crème, and the fact we have it in the North East is perfect. We are expecting over two million to watch the Fight on Friday. We have got two gladiators who are going to give it their all – I’m firmly in the Josh corner, but this is an advertisement for our sport, second to none. . It is live and free on Channel 5 on Friday night.”

Adam Booth

“It’s not about the size of this, there won’t be 70,000 people in that arena, but what I see is one of the best matchups, certainly domestically, that I’ve been involved in. Troy Williamson, an excellent amateur and an unbeaten pro, and has proven what he can do. We know exactly what Troy Williamson is, and we’re also supremely confident that people haven’t yet seen what Josh Kelly is yet. It’s a fascinating matchup, I really don’t think there’s been a better fight in British boxing this year, and Channel 5 and its millions of viewers on a free-to-air platform are going to have a great night of entertainment. There’s going to be a spectacular performance and an incredible atmosphere, and as someone who has experience in big events I must say I’m as excited about this as I ever have been about any other fight. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I firmly believe in what I know and what I’ve seen in Josh Kelly.”

Troy Williamson
“Preparations have one great, I have been in the Gym for a long while, eleven weeks of working hard and smart, and I’m ready to rock and roll on Friday night.”

“All I need to do is turn up and perform. The hard work has been done, I’m performing well in the gym, and I’m firing on all cylinders. I’m hitting tremendous numbers with my strength and conditioning and even out on runs; I’m in a great position mentally and physically. You’re going to see on fight night.”

“I’ve said it before, I probably don’t need to say it again, but I believe he lacks heart. I feel it’s bred in people, one thing’s for certain is that it’s bred in me, but we’re going to see on Friday if Josh has got it because I’m going to take him to deep waters. He’s in for a tough night.”

“I’m not necessarily going in there to try and take him out. A lot of people underestimate my boxing skills, I’ve been apart of Team GB and boxed elite amateurs around the world, so don’t underestimate my boxing. I can box, and don’t for a moment think I can’t out-box Josh Kelly.”

“I wouldn’t say there’s bad blood, but everyone is tuning in to see me though. Let me ask Josh one thing, how many tickets have you sold?”

Josh Kelly responds, “I don’t know, I’ve only sold a handful I think. For Troy it’s about how much he’s liked and the popularity online. Look, is it about how many tickets you sell and how much you’re liked? I’m me, I’ll do me.”

Josh Kelly

“I’d like to see him out-box me on the night, 100%. If he wants to try and box me that’ll be good, he’ll be a silly man to do that but I think it’s going to go how I want it to go on the night. I cannot wait to lace them boots up, get them gloves on, and get dancing in that ring.”

“All of the pressure is on Troy. I’ve operated at top levels, I’ve boxed at Madison Square Gardens, I’ve been with ex-world champions. I know exactly what these big events are like with the pressure it brings; when he walks to that ring he’s going to feel it on Friday night.”

“If you look at Troy, then look at me, there’s things I do better. Let me ask Troy, when it gets to the sixth round, and I’ve still got the gas tank, and I’m firing on all cylinders, and when I’m still boxing unbelievably; what are you going to do then?”

Troy Williamson responds, “Ask Ted Cheeseman.”

Josh Kelly Continues, “You see that there, no intelligent response. One sandwich short of a picnic sums it up really.”

“Stylistically it’s a great matchup. Troy comes forward and tries to fight, I box, so it makes for good television. When you go and watch fights you either like the fighter or you like the boxer, and I think that’s why everyone wants to tune in.”

“When I’ve thought about this fight, I’ve seen Troy hurt.”

Kalle Sauerland

Let me put this to both of these gladiators, the eyes of the boxing nation will be on you, it’s a hugely anticipated fight where the atmosphere is going to be red hot. Josh you’ve fought on big shows before, Troy you’ve done the same but a little less.

Troy Williamson responds, “How is it a little bit less? I’ve fought on big shows and delivered every single time.”

Josh Kelly responds, “Madison Square Gardens.”

Troy Williamson responds, “Every time you have stepped up, you’ve failed.”

Josh Kelly responds, “You’re stepping up to me mate, you know that. You’re stepping up to me.

Kalle Sauerland continues, “It’s not just a British title, but it’s a fight for your right. The winner goes on to fight for world honours. For the loser, I don’t think this would be the end, but it would be a much longer road back. It makes it so much harder to lose on a stage like this. It’s different losing in a small venue, off tv, than losing on an occasion like this. Especially when it’s the bragging rights of the North East at stake. This is THE biggest British matchup of the year, and I’m looking forward to seeing it all ringside.”